How It Works

Service Providers

(Business Owners and Individual Handymen)

Sign up with us and make a profilefor your business

Make sure your profile has all the key information (including your contact and services provided)

People who need your services will find you or your business through our search engine

Each time you do business with someone, the customer can rate your business and write a review on the quality and delivery of your services

You can also ask your customers to rate your business and write a review on your service delivery

Higher ratings and good reviews means more customers and more money for you!!

Service Users

(People who need handymen services)

Find the best local handyman service providers just by searching the type of service you need

Sort the local handymen by distance or their ratings

Read some of the reviews and comments that other customers wrote about these companies or individuals

Once you find the desired company or individual, then get in touch with them via the contact info provided

When the business is done, please rate the company or individual and write a review on the quality of their services

Your rating and review is very crucial to the businesses as well as to other customers, so please be genuine!

How does “Post a Project” page work?

  • Often, people don’t know how to find the right handyman or have a limited budget for a task.
  • This page is created to help customers with their handyman tasks or projects.
  • In a few simple steps, you can post your project/task in our “Post a Project” page.
  • Then, local contractors or handymen will reach out to you.
  • Please review the interested contractors or handymen and contact the ones that fits your requirement and budget to discuss the details of the project.
  • Then, you can give the project to the local contractor or handyman after the details have been discussed.
  • You can discuss with the contractor and create milestone payments, where the contractor will get paid as each agreed upon milestone or phase is complete.
  • Before making the payments, please make sure the agreed upon task or part of the task is completed.
  • Please note that any dispute that happens between you and the contractor/handyman, we are not responsible for it. It should be dealt directly between you and contractor/handyman.