About us

Geeazy makes it easy!!!

Connecting people with great local handyman service providers

We help thousands of people hire with confidence

Geeazy is a free service to help homeowners and others who need handyman services find reputable local businesses and handymen by searching our website and reading the reviews. We collect ratings and reviews on hundreds of different services. The people who rate and review in Geeazy are genuine folks like you who are looking for a way to find trustworthy companies that perform high-quality work.

Through Geeazy, people can easily tell thousands of other users about their experiences with a company or a service provider. This in turn will help other homeowners make better hiring decisions.

Our services are different than other rating and reviewing websites.

First, local contractors who have signed up with us include registered businesses and individual licensed handymen. These are the people who have great skills but do not have their own businesses and often work part-time. These handymen mostly charge at a lower rate than businesses.

Second, we also allow customers to post a project in a couple of easy steps with a budget that they have in mind for the work. Contractors will then bid on the project. Customers can review the bidders and offer the project to a contractor that is suitable for them and offers a decent price.


Our goal is to help customers find the best local renovators, repairmen and contractors. Through our genuine reviews and ratings, we also aim to help local businesses and individual handymen increase their customer base and grow their businesses.


Our vision is to be the leading online platform that connects local contractors and handymen to those who need them.